One Eyed Serpent's Skull

Souls for Smuggler's Shiv

The Story So Far

Your journey began on a storm tossed ocean while sailing from Varisia to Eleder, Sargava. In the dark of night, most of the ship’s crew and passengers were poisoned and the scholar Ieana was discovered to be manipulating the captain of your ship, the Jennivere, driving him to wreck against the jagged stones surrounding the haunted island known as Smuggler’s Shiv. You were one of only twelve survivors to make it to the island’s shore. Of the other eleven, the Jennivere’s First Mate died exploring the cursed island, while the Captain and scholar have been following their own mysterious agenda on the island’s southern half. Among those with whom you have found yourself, then are:

Gellik, the gnome ex-Pathfinder, poet, and gentleman
Ishirou, a tian mercenary who grew up around ships but now works for the Aspis Consortium
Aerys, a former pirate, addicted to grog, who keeps to herself but knows how to survive
Jask, the garundi who was rescued in chains but claims to have been framed
and Sasha Nevah, willful daughter of a powerful member of the Red Mantis

Along with your other companions, the nine of you have managed to survive zombies, ghosts, dinosaurs, cannibals, and even dangerous flora. For over two weeks you’ve scavenged and hunted food, tracked Ieana and the Captain, discovered buried pirate treasure, and navigated the perilous jungle. You’ve seen the sea glow green at night and watched spirits of drowned sailors in the surf, you’ve been stalked and threatened by a strange winged chupacabra, and you’ve felt the earth shake and heard the roar of thunder as lightning shot up into the sky from the top of the island’s Red Mountain.

Now, finally, you have found, attacked, and conquered a small village of devil-worshiping cannibals, although the cleric, Jask, was slain in the attempt. You stand, victorious amidst the still bloody battlefield, the camp of the Thrunefang yours for the taking, but a deep, black pit in one corner of the village center still unnerves you. The chupacabra is still out there, watching and hunting you. Worst of all, you still have yet to discover the scholar Ieana or her thrall, the Jennivere’s Captain or learn what agenda they might have on this haunted isle.



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