Formerly imprisoned Cleric of Nethys


Jask is a quiet, but honest and honorable garundi whom you first learned of when he was rescued off the Jennivere by Alton, the ship’s First Mate, alongside yourself. When dawn broke and you could at last see him, you discovered that Jack was bound in shackles, hand and foot. Now, released, he moves with a lithe, easy grace and his large, watery brown eyes take in everything around him with a careful consideration. His hair is bound in dreads that sprout almost wildly from his head. He carries a bright dagger engraved with his name and wears a disk medallion as the symbol of his god, one half gleaming silver, the other half tarnished and dark.


Jask claims to have been framed by his superiors while working as an agent for Sargava.


One Eyed Serpent's Skull Nehlahr